Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012


     Learn how to write calligraphy arising ... unique . Well .... now I will share a secret technique ... how to write a unique embossed ... shiny calligraphy, you'll be able to create unique works of art such as calligraphy arising, beautiful handicrafts and luxury ... after learning this tutorial, you will know what to be prepared to make a work of art ... unique gold calligraphy. What kind of tools that can be used? What materials should you have? Where you have to get the materials? ... What kind of materials that can be used to write calligraphy like this? How to use the tools and materials?

Once you learn the technique, how to write calligraphy arise ... you can apply the skills. to a form of art that you want such as: Arabic Calligraphy arise with a shiny gold color, beautiful calligraphy, painting arose, and many more works that could be your field .... So I hope you can make money from your own hands ... and you will enjoy a better life. 

This tutorial learn to write calligraphy ... I wrote to the two languages ​​are Indonesian and English. Contains a tutorial text ... and pictures. learning about the introduction. calligraphy tools and materials ... shopping and the market price of equipment and materials ... how to hold tools and techniques used ... and the right materials and related matters. Here are some examples of calligraphy works that you can make ... but you can develop into other works. with the techniques that I teach.

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