Selasa, 20 September 2011


embossed islam calligraphy
Gold leaf arise calligraphy or embossed calligraphy is the most popular this time, artists who could write a simple arise or embossed fonts will generate money. Many galleries are displaying gold leaf arise calligraphy like this , especially in countries whose population is a lot of Islamic religion, as in Indonesia there are not only galleries a lot of small frame shops are also displaying  of gold leaf embossed calligraphy incurred this type.

Gold arise calligraphy on display are always changing because they are good sales on this gold embossed calligraphy product, this is definitely related to the needs of buyers who want to decorate her living room with beautiful gold leaf embossed and shiny calligraphy, it did not escape from this situation calligraphy artists got orders flooded.

Calligraphy artists like me also feel happy with this great impact, I have incurred Thousands of my gold embossed Calligraphy were sold then I always looking for new ideas for my arise calligraphy painting that always beautiful and loved by my customers. Many special orders from my customers to make calligraphy are also according for their tastes.

Below are some my gold leaf arise / embossed calligraphy that have sold and framed in my home buyers: 

gold embossed calligraphy wall clock

embossed islam calligraphy

jar embossed arab caligraphy

Arabic embossed calligraphy

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